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Sick day parenting
Elijah the builder
Where's yaya?
Looking big
Saving for later
Food prep
Birthday #5
Ivory tickling
Self fed
This face
Triple duty
Happy new year!
Maui's hook
Sleepy head
Little buddies
Mr. Chill, even with too small pajamas
Too busy for Mommy
Over every creeping thing
Thing 1,2,and 3
3 musketeers
Hand fed
On blended knees
Different perspective
Not a baby anymore
Bee sting relief
Just the 5 of us
Yard clean up
Daddy is fascinating
Chau family portrait. Includes uncle John. Sophia in purple.
Here let me show you
Origami girl
Not Thomas
Unhappy birthday boy
I love straps
Pouty Pikachu