Bee sting relief
Big chalk
Nice little stroll
Just the 5 of us
Congrats to Armad and Rebecca
Yard clean up
Having a great time
Daddy is fascinating
Chau family portrait. Includes uncle John. Sophia in purple.
Here let me show you
More TV time?
Glued to the TV
Origami girl
Long day at the mall
Not Thomas
Good morning
Unhappy birthday boy
Exploring the hallways at work
I love straps
Coming home to craziness
Pouty Pikachu
First day!
Cheesesteak day... Letz Go!!
Too hot for clothes
What's that over there?
Still sleepy
Game night
Big shopping cart
Same haircut
Power out
She's in charge
Ready to go
Her big fan
Hey guys I want to play too