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Karen's 5 o'clock shadow
Beiler's Donuts
Foot and a Flower....  she drew it twice in a row
Sloppy Asher Joes
She cut it herself
Family skype time
Thanks for visiting grandma!
Large Group Gathering
Occasional naps
The old 5
Philly prints
Waiting patiently
Last meeting
Camp Letts
Long week
So many cuties
Building a snowman
Waking up victoriously
My princess
Dinosaur Back Riding
Center City Skyscrapers
Waking up
Seared Chicken & Pan Sauce with Apple, Kale & Potato Hash
New Toy
Cumin-Crusted Pork with Fig & Blood Orange Pan Sauce
Extreme Value!
Homemade Strawberry Icecream
Frozen while watching Frozen
River Pierce
Drama Queen
The lens collection
Superbowl Party
New Cuisinart kid toys
More water please
Miss Cranky